Canon Printer Support Number

Canon is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in the manufacturing of cameras, photocopiers, printers, camcorders etc. Due to its high tech quality, Canon products are in high demand in the international market. Canon printers are in high demand because of their innovative designs and features. One such design is the Canon PIXMA E510 printer. It is a combination of elegance and functionality and can be used to scan, print and make copies creatively.

It has a print speed of mono 8.6 pm and color of 5.0 ppm for A4 size papers. It features 2 Picoliter technology and 4800×1200 dpi print resolution. It also has a satisfying cartridge. The new FINE cartridge gives an improvement in color reproduction in red areas for more alluring and brilliant colored images. The new system gives maximum printing speed but at the same time produces excellent image quality. It also comes with a warranty for 1 year. So if your printer ceases to stop working or behaves abnormally, you can contact their customer service at Canon printer customer care number. You can avail their assistance at any time of the day since they work nonstop and around the clock to give you the best assistance.

Canon Printer Support

In spite of its reputed features and popularity, canon printers can sometimes fail to meet your needs. They might stop responding or get stuck. Some of the issues with Canon printers are-

  • PRINTER IS NOT TURNING ON: firstly, when this situation occurs makes sure that you have your power cord plugged in securely in the socket. Then turn it back on. Secondly, unplug the power cord and plug it back in after an interval of 2-3 minutes. Then try switching the power on again.
  • PRINTER IS NOT PRODUCING PROPER PRINTS: When this happens make sure that the paper size and the size you mentioned in the computer are matched perfectly. Ring on Canon printer tech support number for guidance. After that check the print quality you have selected through the printer device.
  • INK IS NOT PRODUCING OR EJECTING: If you face this problem, first check and see if your ink cartridge is full. Make sure it has enough ink to produce the required Check and see if the cartridge is properly installed.

Users of Canon printers usually face many errors and have any questions regarding the product. These questions are almost the same every time. So listed below are some frequently asked questions by customers and users about Canon printers, you can know more by contacting Canon Printer technical support number. Canon Printer Error code 6A81 happens and prevent the user to print documents. Due to this error cartridge or the printer head get stuck at one place in the printer. You can solve this error easily if you have some technical knowledge, but if you are not a tech person. Then you can take experts help. You can get to techies on canon printer support number. These techies will listen to your whole situation then provide you the exact solution. All the techies are well trained and capable of solving every issue with Canon Printer.


Ink cartridges are an important component in every printer but they can be troubling when not set properly. But this is not a difficult task and can be done with ease. Follow the steps to reset the Canon printer ink cartridges.
  • Turn off the power.
  • Push the power button down while holding the Stop button.
  • Release the Stop button while still holding the power button before pushing the Stop button repeatedly twice.
  • Press the Stop button 4 times before pushing the power button twice. Push the power button one more time to turn off the printer and complete the reset.
  • Reset cartridges by unplugging the printers power cord and USB cables. Close the door and let go of the button.
Sometimes the printer gets jammed and stops working. This is a major common issue faced by a lot of canon printer users. When such a problem arises, follow these simple steps to get it working again.
  • Check the cable connection from the computer to your printer.
  • Fill the paper tray of the Canon printer.
  • Open the documents you want to print and select the print Then click the printer option and select canon printer.
  • Install the canon printer drivers, if unable to do so, dial Canon Printer customer support number
  • Change out the ink cartridges of the Canon printer.
Canon printers are uninstalled differently depending on the series. And although the steps are different for different printers, it is usually very simple. Listed below are the ways through which you can uninstall Canon printer.
  • Click the start menu and launch the print management option
  • In the left frame, you will see Print servers, click it and select the appropriate print server.
  • Click the driver’s option in the left window.
  • You will see a list of printer drivers. Right click on the Canon printer driver and select ‘remove driver package’.
  • Reboot your computer to complete the uninstallation process.
Jammed papers are one of the most common causes of printer abnormalities. Sometimes small sheets of paper get caught inside the printer. This problem is the easiest to fix if you follow the instructions properly.
  • First of all, you should disconnect the power cord.
  • Open the back panel of the printer and look for any paper that might have got caught or jammed inside the panel and remove it.
  • Open the front access panel where the ink cartridge in place. Search and remove any jammed paper from there as well.
  • Close the front and back panels properly and turn on the power. If it starts to work then you have fixed the problem.
If you have further technical queries then contact Canon Printer customer service number their lines are open 24/7 and will help you with any type of technical problems or difficulties that you may have.