How to update Canon printer drivers

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While working with computers and printers the users or customers are supposed to keep a check on the printer drivers and provide the necessary updates available. The updates are mandatory as it will allow the printers to work properly. An old driver version can only create unnecessary problems for the user. Outdated printer drivers will […]

Download and installation of Lexmark drivers

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Lexmark is an American company that manufactures laser printers and imaging products. It is a leading developer in and supplier of printing solutions, including laser and inkjet printers, multifunction products and related products and services. Lexmark International was formed in 1991 with it’s headquarter at Lexington, Kentucky. The Lexmark Universal Print Driver provides users and […]

How to install HP Printer Driver on Mac

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Are you facing any troubles in installing your HP Printer driver on Mac? Don’t you know the procedure of installation? Then you are reading the right blog because your questions regarding the installation of HP printer will be answered here. The process is quite easy to follow but it is recommended that you must reach […]


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The world of HP printers has seen a drastic change since the launch of the HP Company. Along the way, there have been many different HP printer series one such series is the HP LaserJet m402n. It gives fast printing, strong protection, it grabs on to the paper sheets and continues without waiting around. It […]

How to fix when toner smears on the paper

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HP printer manufactured by the Hewlett-Packard which is an American company. The brand name of the HP is enough for the consumers who love quality over quantity. Just because of such wonderful printing quality, various printer model in reasonable price has made it top demanding printers on the global level. Even the quality of HP […]

How to fix HP Printer errors

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Are you facing frequent errors in your HP printer? And you are confused about resolving them! Then take a deep breath and relax, as you will get some common fixtures to the errors arising from HP printers. Many times when there is any error with this company printer, it clearly shows them. However, in some […]

Lexmark printer not working with windows 10

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The Lexmark printer is known for its amazing quality and advanced technology. There are various printer models available from multifunctional to all in one printer. So you can choose the best one printer for your official or personal use. If you want to know which model would be preferable for you, then you should get […]

How to connect HP Printer to Apple Laptop

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HP Printers are the most popular printers all around the world. HP was developed by American electronic company Hewlett-Packard. It is in very high demand everywhere. These printers comes with very advance technology. And they even improve their quality and performance time to time. Two types of HP printers are available in market that are […]