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Canon Printer is not responding

canon printer not responding

There are a number of Canon Printer user available who use wireless Canon Printer for printing and scanning important documents. Canon Printer offers an extraordinary performance, but there is a number of people who often complain that their printer does not respond to command at certain intervals. If you are also a Canon Printer user and facing this issue, then it will be best to take help from Canon Printer customer care number.

Printer not responding is one of the most common problems with Printer users. There are several factors which can trigger this issue. The use of an outdated printer driver, connection issue etc. are some reasons which can affect your printer to perform flawlessly. In this blog, you will find some effective troubleshooting steps that will help you to solve Canon Printer not responding issue quite easily.

Steps to follow for fixing the ‘Canon Printer not responding’ issue

Mostly, time the biggest factor which causes the Canon Printer not responding issue is the lack of communication between your PC and the Printer. Follow given below steps to resolve this issue.

  • Press the Setup button available on your wireless Canon Printer, then select Wireless LAN setup and click OK.
  • Then choose the Easy Setup and confirm it by clicking on OK.
  • Choose the suitable Access Point and then connect with Wi-Fi network by entering the correct Wi-Fi password.
  • Then take the Setup Disk and insert it into the CD-Drive of your computer. Then run the setup program to install the Canon Printer on your computer.
  • Choose the Easy Install option and click on Then find a Printer in the new loading page.
  • Then start the printer installation process by clicking on the Next and then wait for a few minutes, till the process gets

When the installation process is complete, then try to print a document and check if the printer is working without any error. In case, if you still encounter any issue with Canon Printer, then Canon Printer customer support number is always available to help you. Get in touch with techies available on this service, and get a one stop solution of all the problems with Canon Printer.