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How to Disable the HP Support Assistant

HP Printer Assistant

HP support assistant is a promising tool that helps users to detect issues and manage the updates. It provides you complete support in solving your issues related to your HP devices. However, sometimes users find it unnecessary and useless, and sometimes it also starts interrupting other software and device to run. In such cases, you look for disabling HP printer support assistant (HPSA). You can disable the device with some simple steps that are mentioned in the blog, but you also have an option to call at HP Assistant support number and get the advanced support to fix the issue.

How to change update periods:

Step 1: Start-up the HP support assistant and go to the settings.

Step 2: There you need to find the drop-down menu named ‘How you would like to receive software updates and messages from HP?’ and select the option ‘never check for updates or messages.’

Step 3: Open the drop-down menu ‘Change tune-up schedule’ and select ‘never’ from the list.

Step 4: At last click on Save to complete the process.

How to task scheduler in HP assistant:

Step 1: Press the windows and X key simultaneously and startup the power user menu. There you need to go to the ‘control panel.’

Step 2: Go to the ‘System and security’ and open the ‘administrative tools’ menu. There you need to choose the option ‘Schedule task.’

Step 3: Select ‘Task scheduler library,’ and then ‘Hewlett-Packard’ followed by ‘HP support assistant.’

Step 4: find the option ‘HP support assistant’ and right-click on that. Then click on ‘Update check’ followed by selecting ‘Disable.’

How to uninstall HP Support Assistant:

Step 1: Press the window and ‘X’ simultaneously and open the power user menu, there you need to go to the ‘Control panel.’

Step 2: go to the programs and click on ‘Uninstall a program.’

Step 3: Navigate the ‘HP support assistant’ and select it.

Step 4: Click on ‘Uninstall’ option, and within a few seconds HP support assistant will be uninstalled to your computer.

Get customer support for HP assistance:

If you can’t find the exact solution with the above-mentioned steps, then you should call at HP customer support number and get the complete support with prominent guidance and easy solution to fix your issue. You only need to call, and a complete supportive team will be attending you to fix your issue within minutes.