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How To Find MAC Address On HP Printer

The MAC address of a device is known as the Media Access Control feature. Most of the HP Printers come pre-equipped with a MAC number. This address is essential in determining a specific device from a group of devices which is connected with a particular network. The users must understand that the device which is present on your filter list can only access the network when you enable it. If you wish to find the HP Printer’s MAC address, you can do so easily using the steps that are provided in this blog. The users would also have the alternate option of contacting HP Assistant Support number, where the users would get all the required assistance.

What are the possible ways to discover the MAC address?

While working on Windows, the users would simply have to access the command prompt and type ‘ipconfig/all.’ The users must also realize that all the printers are not compatible with the features of the keyboard. Hence you would have to perform the steps manually. Before you begin the process of finding the MAC address, you would first need to find the IP address.

Process of finding HP Printer’s IP address

The process that you would have to follow in order to find the IP address is as given below:

  • The users would have to navigate to the Control Panel of your device.
  • Then you have to access the ‘Hardware and Sound’ section and further click on “Device and Printers.’
  • Now you would have to locate your HP printer and right-click on the same.
  • From the pop-up menu, choose the option of ‘Properties.’
  • Further, you would have to move to the section of ‘Ports’ and opt for the standard TCP/IP port entry.
  • Finally, click on the configure port button, and you would be able to access the page where you can see the IP address along with the printer’s name.

Process of discovering HP printer’s MAC address

The steps using which you can discover the MAC address of your HP printer is as stated below:

  • The users have to click on the ‘Start’ button on their windows device and open the Quick access menu.
  • You can then search for the command prompt and access it.
  • You would then have to type “arp-a” and press the enter key simply.
  • Now you would have to find the IP address that you had found using the steps prior to this. Once you find the IP address, you would see that the MAC address is right next to it.

When the users accurately follow all the given steps, then they would be able to find the MAC address of their HP printer. If you come across the need for more assistance, you have the option of connecting with HP Printer technical support number. By connecting with this service, the professionals would efficiently guide you towards finding the MAC address. Moreover, the users can easily connect with this service using a toll-free number, and this service is available on a 24-hour basis.