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How to Fix Error 79 in HP Printer

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HP Printers are quite popular in homes, offices and educational institutions around the globe. These printers are known for being user-friendly and delivering quality printout consistently. Considering their wide array of features HP Printer are among the most complex computer equipment you can have. Since most people are not aware of the technical aspects of printer users often have to call the HP Printer customer care number whenever they encounter an error. However, it always helps to get a basic understand of printer errors so that you can troubleshoot the problem yourself.

HP Printer errors are indicated by a number code. This article will give you a brief overview of HP Printer error 79 along with some helpful suggestions on how to resolve the error.

What are the causes behind HP Printer Error Code 79?

Most errors on HP Printers are normally displayed on the printer’s control panel. These errors are usually indicated along with a message. The error message and the causes for error code 79 are listed below:

“79 Error Turn off then on”: If you see this kind of error message then it is because the HP Printer has encountered some sort of internal firmware error.

“79 Service Error Turn off then on”: If this is the message indicated then it is most probably because of an incompatible DIMM

Steps to resolve HP Printer Error Code 79

The HP Printer error 79 is a generic system error that can be resolved using the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Switch off the printer

You can begin fixing error 79 by first switching your printer off. Once your HP printer completely powers down you should wait for about half a minute and then restart the printer. You should also make sure all the HP Printer cables are secure and the USB cable is connected properly.

Step 2: Reinstall DIMM

You can use the steps mentioned below to reinstall the dual in-line memory module on your computer to get your HP Printer running again:

  • Turn off the computer and gently open the computer case
  • Remove all the attachments and power cables
  • Look for the memory module and remove the memory retaining chips
  • Go ahead and remove the memory from the Motherboard
  • Slowly reinstall the memory back in the Motherboard
  • Check if the memory retaining chips are reconnected and close the computer case

You should also check the firmware version you are using and update it if necessary so that your HP Printer can run without any errors. If you are unable to complete any of these errors and if you see that the error code 79 still persists then you may require advanced technical support. You can call the HP Printer tech support number and ask to speak to a trained technician who can give you a detailed guide on how to implement more complex troubleshooting steps.

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