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How to fix HP Printer not printing with black ink

HP Printer not printing with black ink

HP is known to be most trustable brands in terms of its product quality among the users worldwide. The main line of products manufacturing includes laptops, computers, printers, and others. HP Printers are often used for the domestic and office purposes. The compact shape and design packed with high-end features make this company’s printer the first choice of people. Over a long period of time, any machine tends to misbehave. Same is the case with HP Printers, the users mostly complaint about the issue related to a paper jam, updating, misprinting, color leak and many other. The most common issue being the printer not printing with black ink. To fix the issue you can take help from HP Printer customer care number or do the troubleshooting yourself.

A printer usually provides two options for printing – black and white and colored. But in some cases, the printer does not allow black print. To fix it you can follow the undermentioned. But before starting, make sure you have removed the plastic protection tape from the black cartridge.

Solution: Fixing issue of the inability of printing with black ink

Method 1: Checking the required settings

  • First, check your printer settings
  • Perform calibration right after loading the cartridge
  • Run ‘ self-test diagnostic’
  • Remove the black ink cartridge and clean the laser or scanner block with a cotton swab
  • Look for any dried ink preventing from flowing the black ink, if its there, clean it
  • Try cleaning the print heads
  • Print a test sheet to check if the black ink is flowing fine now. If not try the second method.

Method 2: Replace or recheck HP Printer parts

If you have newly bought your printer, or it is in warranty/guarantee period then try to replace it as soon as possible to fix the issue.

If any of the methods don’t work then it is highly recommended to get in touch with customer service experts available at HP Printer support number for the instant resolution of the issue.

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