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How to resolve a paper jamming error on Lexmark printer

resolve paper jamming on lexmark printer

There are many users of Lexmark printer and all of them sometimes stuck with technical hiccups with it. The most common problem is a paper jamming error. There may be some couple of reasons those can lead to paper jamming error. In order to fix this error, you will have to call on Lexmark printer customer care number 1-866-429-4641. Via the help of troubleshooter techies, you can solve all printer snags whether is it a paper jamming issue or any other problem.

After all, if you have to fix the paper jamming error you should try to follow the instructions given here.

Tips to fix the paper jamming error:-

When you are in trouble because the printer has jammed the papers, then you should try these given tricky tips. Maybe you will get success to fix the printer issue.

Remove all struck papers: Open the frontal door of your printer and remove all struck papers. Carefully remove the jammed pieces from all side of the printer.

Check the paper size: Wrong paper size selection to print documents can cause the paper jamming error. Use good quality and correct size of paper for printing.

Ensure the printer has sufficient power supply: Low power supply may be one reason of paper jamming issue. If you find that the Lexmark printer is not getting proper power supply then you should fix it.
Replace the print fuser: Faulty print fuser cause a paper jamming error so when you have to fix this problem just replace it. Actually, faulty print fuser won’t heat properly which tends to roll the paper or jam it.

When you checked all aspects and still unable to resolve the paper jamming error. You should find another way by which you can fix the printer related hitches. You can ring Lexmark printer technical support number. Via this toll-free number, you can anytime reach to customer care experts and find the complete solution for the trouble do you have with Lexmark printer. These techies are all the time available to resolve the hitches of Lexmark printer.

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