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How to Solve HP Printer Error 59.xx

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HP is a widely appreciated company and serving its customer at a greater extent by manufacturing some quality products that are able to work along with usability and user interference. Like other products, HP printers are considered as fine and sophisticated products to offer a proposal of undeniably prominent service security. However, HP printers are sometimes unable to deny the technical glitches and errors. Error 59.xx is one of them. Now question appears how to solve HP printer Error 59.xx? You can get the experienced solution by approaching HP Printer customer service number. You will be guided by technically advanced and innovatively incorporated agents.

HP printers are able to perform as per t eh customer needs and process all the hectic work of yours with such an easy that you never even get aware of its presence. But when it stops working you get to know how important it was how smoothly it was working for you. You can easily fix your HP printer error 59.xxwithout any trouble.  This article will also try to fix your issue without any frustrating methods.

What is the HP Printer Error 59.xx?           

Whenever your HP printer faces issues regarding main motors it shows HP printer error 59.xx, where x is replaced by any number that is related to the motor such as x=0, represents motor error, x=1 defines a motor startup, x=2 is for motor rotation error and so on. This issue can be tackled easily by applying some easy steps carefully.

Easy steps to fix HP printer error 59.xx

Here is a proven method to fix the error. You only need to follow these steps carefully:

  • Turned your HP printer OFF and then again switch it ON
  • Reset the fuser and cartridge by making it sure that they should not obstruct the gear movement in HP drive train.
  • Now check the main motor cord if it is fixed firmly on its place.
  • If you are getting fixed, you can replace the main motor.
  • Now you will surely be getting the job done.

Call at HP printer support

In case you are unable to apply these methods and find some troubles in getting the permanent solution you need to call at HP printer tech support number where you will interact with the most experienced technical experts who will resolve your problem with an easy solution and make your printer able to perform again according to the HP standard. You can call at any time as you will be getting your solutions round the clock by saving your time and money.