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How to Solve HP Wireless Printer, not printing Issue

How to Solve HP Wireless Printer

HP has been in the market as one of the leading brands in the world for a long time now. They have been producing a lot of cool stuff for their customers and have kept on improvising on their goods. This has always given them an edge over the other companies in having a good relationship with their clients as well as their customers. HP is well known for their desktops, laptops, printers and lots of other tech gadgets. One more thing that is not to forget is their assistance. You can also get yourself all the assistance that you desire using the HP printer customer care number when you are setting it for yourself.

As it is always preferred to take help from an expert to troubleshoot a problem or set up a new device. They give you the best and the easiest possible way so that you don’t end up creating a mess. If you have already finished the connection of your wireless printer and it still is not printing anything, you might have to see what the exact problem is because there is not just one but many reasons that can pose this problem. So let us take a look at a few problems that you can be the reason for this issue:

• You might not have set the printer as a default printer. So if you have more than 1 printers then just have a look at what’s your default printer.
• This might sound lame but sometimes due to the virus, the print command gets canceled on its own so you should also check your desktop for the virus as well.
• If you are having an outdated printer driver issues like this can arise during that time as well.

Now if you think that this problem can be solved by you then here is what you can do:

• Firstly just check all the parts that, are they in the right shape or not. For that, you need to check your ink injector. Just tap on it gently so if the flow of the ink would be interrupted due to any reason, you can fix it on the spot.
• Then check the paper tray by loading a paper, now while doing this you can be very cautious because before you actually give a printing command you need to cancel it. This will self-test the report.
• Now once the printing is done, see where the ink is spread. It might help you in fixing the cartridge problem.

After trying all this if you still can get it right then get help using the HP printer customer support number.

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