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How to update Canon printer drivers

update Canon printer drivers

While working with computers and printers the users or customers are supposed to keep a check on the printer drivers and provide the necessary updates available. The updates are mandatory as it will allow the printers to work properly. An old driver version can only create unnecessary problems for the user. Outdated printer drivers will not be able to relay messages or commands properly from the computer to the printer and may cause errors which will ultimately lead to your computer system to crash. Hence it is obligatory to the customers as consumers to check and provide the necessary updates to their printer drivers to ensure the smooth working and progress of their computer as well as the printer. With the introduction of Windows 10, Canon printer manufacturers have updated the printer driver to prevent faulty errors that may occur with the installation of a new Operating System. To know more about Canon printers and drivers you can access their customer service helpline by calling Canon Printer customer care number. If you are wondering how to find and install the correct Canon printer updates then pay attention to the instruction given below:

1. Go to the Canon server and driver page.
2. On the search button type in the series or model number. Each printer model has a direct link to the driver.
3. On the driver and software tab select the printer model and get access to the download link.
4. On the Operating System page, select windows and the correct version.
5. Select the driver’s link and select ‘I agree’ on the term and conditions box.
6. Click and install and follow the on-screen instructions.

By following these steps exactly, you will be able to update your canon printer driver. If you face some problems along the way and you are stuck in an issue, then you can contact Canon Printer technical support number to access technical assistance to help you with whatever problem you are facing. Also, the lines are accessible 24×7 and it is cost-free. So you can ring this number to get in touch with customer care executives anytime.

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