HP Assistant

How to use HP Printer assistant

HP Printer Assistant

HP printer is an advanced printing software that helps users to set up their printer scan, order supplies, ink levels, and some other important tasks. This assistant comes with all HP printer engineered after 2009. Now it has become quite easy for HP users to manage their tasks and status easily and perfectly. It helps you to make aware of ink shortage or other issues that might appear with the time passing. You can also use HP printer assistant in such situation when you try to upgrade windows and lost all the data related to your printer. Now you can see the importance of HP printer assistant. For further information, you can contact at HP Assistant support number and get the expert response of your queries. This blog will also help you manage HP printer assistant.

Learn to use HP printer assistant:

HP printer assistant may prove a beneficial software for HP printer users and if you are using HP printer for printing then you can follow these steps to easily manage and program HP printer assistant:

  1. Reconnect the HP printer:
  • You can start by connecting a new printer by clicking on the options click on a new printer.
  • Choose the connection type from the list and then follow the screen instruction to proceed with the process.
  • Next, you need to turn off the printer and restart the system.
  • After a second turn on your printer and go to HP printer assistant.
  • If you can easily open HP printer assistant ten everything is fine but if you fail to do so then you should follow the next steps:


  1. Uninstall HP printer software:
  • Now you need to disconnect the USB cable from the printer.
  • Next, you need to go to the control panel in your system and land into programs and features.
  • You will see a list of installed programs and there you need to select HP printer name and click on uninstall and then yes to finish.
  • By following some simple screen instruction you can complete the software removal process.
  • Now restart the computer to save the changes.


  1. Reinstall the driver:
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the printer if it is asked.
  • Then go to the official site of HP to download the latest drivers.
  • Select the type of your printer and choose the driver to download.
  • You can download the complete package as per your preferences.
  • Restart the computer and printer:
  • Once you install all the drivers to your computer and printer you will need to restart both of the devices. After restarting it you should try to open the HP printer assistant.

For further support and assistance, you can contact at HP printer support number and get the valuable support from the experts of HP professionals.