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With the evolution of time technology has seen some major advancement in every field be it research, IT, business or others. Only one thing is common in every field that is printing whether it is a manufacturing industry or hospital or government agencies. There is a separate printing industry which is used for printing books, novels, newspaper. And Printer is an integral part of all these industries. As the time proceeds printers have also seen some major development earlier they were used to print but now you can do other activities too like scanning, faxing and photocopying too. There are many brands of printer available in the current era but HP Printer is the very prominent one that is trusted all over the world. There are different types of the printer like Toner based, Inkjet, LaserJet, and others. And each type and every model of HP Printer is easy to use and manage. Despite varied extraordinary features users across the world face glitches and the best thing is to connect with HP Printer customer care number to solve these snags.

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Hallmark Traits of HP Printer

HP Printers have gained the popularity worldwide because of its mind-boggling features. And with each passing day, HP is including more exciting characteristic in their printer. The traits which attract users toward HP Printer are: When you have some important document to print and sudden you find that your printer is out of service, what will you do? Even you try all troubleshooting steps and the problem remains same, don’t worry here is the best solution for all HP printer issues and that is HP printer tech support number. This a toll-free number of customer care that is all time available on the call to fix the problem appear with the printer. Is your laptop crashing frequently after updating it to the latest Windows 10? If your answer is yes then your system requires immediate attention from the experts who will not only diagnose the root cause of the error confronted but also will make sure to solve it completely. You just need to dial HP laptop customer support number reachable 24 hours in a day in order to troubleshoot the glitch witnessed.

  • Easy setup and installation process
  • User-friendly interface
  • High quality colored and black-white print
  • Scanning of the documents
  • Wired and Wireless printers
  • You can use it for fax purpose also
  • Some printer have the facility to do photocopy
  • Compatible with all devices either laptops, computer, and smartphone

Distinctive features of the HP printer:

HP printers are being used worldwide with the sheer feeling of satisfaction that they provide to the users. Users are using HP devices for a long time without any technical error or glitches. The reason for the greatest satisfaction that it can provide to the users is its great features that make these devices distinctive and impeccable. Once you start using HP printer, you can be amazed at the efficiency of the device and the amount of time that it saves while performing the complex printing exercises. You may also feel a smooth gesture with the printing process that makes you easy to handle the device. Now here are some notable features of HP printers:

  • An easy installation and setup process
  • Easy to use user interface
  • High definition printing quality on both color and black white
  • Easily scan documents
  • Available in wired or wireless printers
  • Usable for fax purpose
  • Easy compatibility with all the devices such as laptop, computer, and smartphone

Snags with HP Printer

With the immense popularity of HP, Printer users should not think that these printers are perfect. As you know nothing is perfect likewise HP Printer being an electronic gadget also show some technical and performance hitches. These issues demand guidance of professionals who can be reached via HP Printer technical support number that stays accessible 24 hours in a day. Some of the very common glitches of HP Printer are: Problem in starting or shutting down, blue screen of death, noisy fan, setting up passwords, updating the software, speakers not working are some of the common hassles confronted by the users of HP Computers. If you have also come across any similar error then it is high time to get help from HP printer support phone number which stays available all day long. The skilled team of executives will provide you with excellent solutions.

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Remedies to fix general Printer hitches

If you own a printer then you are eligible to enjoy all its features and benefits but it also has some minor caveat that can hamper your work and time. If you ever face any error then don’t get dismayed because this error can be easily fixed by calling HP Printer customer service number available online 24×7. Few common solutions to troubleshoot HP printer problems are:

  • Make sure to update the printer driver with the latest version from time to time
  • Double check to see if the cables and power cord are properly connected and are not a faulty one
  • Place the paper in the print tray in the correct manner and in sequence
  • Replace or refill the empty ink cartridge with filled one
  • Replace the damaged cartridge, drum or toner
  • Use the high-quality paper and be sure that the paper is not torn, dirty or damp
  • Configure the printer correctly
  • Delete any pending print jobs

How to reset a print spooler

Print spooler helps the printer to communicate with the system. But sometimes print spooler face some errors like spooler is not working or unable to start it or receiving an error message while printing. These issues can be fixed only be resetting the print spooler by following the below-mentioned points

  • Start the printer and search for ‘services’
  • A drop-down list of services will be open, locate the print spooler option and try opening it
  • Tap on stop button to temporarily stop the print spooler
  • Now restart the printer and system and try to give a print to see if the error is rectified or not

To solve any kind of error be it a minor one or major one you can always reach out to a team of experts via HP Printer customer support number which is accessible throughout the day in the year. The technical operatives will understand the error first and then will analyze the complexity of the issue and at last, will deliver the high-end solution to fix it. Getting error with your HP laptop and it is not waking up? You can dial the HP customer care number to connect to the customer service experts. On the call, experts will assist you in troubleshooting. If required then they will sort out the HP laptop issues through the remote access. So you don’t have to worry about the problem when customer care team is here to help you.

Why trust HP Printer customer service?

When the esteemed customer of HP Printer witnesses any complication while using this printer then they must at once reach out to customer service to sort out the issue confronted. You should call HP Printer helpline number because they are known for:

  • Polite and professional code of conduct
  • Deliver resolution for every model of HP Printer
  • Complete and long lasting solution of the issue
  • Available 24×7 hours in the day round the clock
  • A prompt response along with appropriate suggestions
  • 100 percent customer satisfaction rendering quality service
  • Possess the knowledge and technique required to annihilate the error from the root itself
hp printer support service


If while printing, you printer stops feeding pages then immediately an error message of ‘Paper Jam’ would pop up. So as to continue with your printing you would need to solve this paper jam issue in the following way:

  • The first thing to be done is to turn your HP printer off and unplug it from the power cord
  • Open the rear access panel of the printer by pulling it upwards or towards you depending upon the model
  • Remove all the remaining sheets of paper from the paper tray
  • Check if any piece of paper is left behind in the printer
  • Once done reinstall the rear panel and reconnect with a power source

If the malfunction continues, the most ideal thing to do would be to get in touch with the customer service as they could assist you with more information. You can freely connect with the HP Printer phone number during any hour and free of cost. The trained professionals would provide you with instant solutions for your queries.

They provide you with the facility which allows you to use your printer even when it is offline. This process would save the document that has to be printed and once the printer gets back online the document gets printed automatically. The process that has to be followed to turn your printer from ‘Offline’ to ‘Online’ are:-

  • Open the Control Panel on your system
  • Click on ‘Devices and Printers’
  • Now you can see a list of devices and printers. From there you need to select your printer
  • Right click on it and then the dropdown menu will open from there click on ‘ Select what’s printing’ option
  • Click on the menu of the printer and then on the window which would open, now you need to uncheck the box of “Use Printer Offline”.

If the document you have printed is not of the expected quality because of unclear text or ink smears then there might be a problem with your black ink cartridge. So as to solve it you just have to follow quick tips:

  • First, make sure you are using genuine HP printer cartridge
  • Now check the quality of the paper which you are using and make sure it is placed in correct position on the paper tray
  • Check the print settings of your system to see if it is suitable for the print job
  • Make sure that you check the ink level of your cartridge and if its lows on ink then replace it with a new one
  • You can also clean the print head and make sure that the cartridge is properly placed on its particular position.

If your error continues, the best alternative would be to get connected with the customer service, they could assist you with more information. You can freely connect with the HP Printer support during any time and charge free. The skilled specialists would deliver you with prompt solutions for your questions.

If you are using more than one printer to get your print outputs, there might be a possibility that the printer can send print job and commands to the wrong computer. You can get this issue corrected by keeping the following concerns in mind:

  • Go to the start menu and select the option of Devices and Printers.
  • Choose the option of Add a printer located in the left-hand corner and add your printer if it has been unintentionally
  • Select the printer with a checkmark and make sure, it is set as your default printer.

When your HP printer does not connect to the computer, follow these steps to fix it:

  • First turn on the printer and wait for it to become idle.
  • Now you must disconnect the power cord without turning off the printer.
  • Wait for a minute and plug it back on and connect the cord to the wall outlet as well.
  • Turn on the printer manually if it does not turn on by itself.

These are the steps to fix HP printer not connecting to a computer issue.