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HP printer not found during the network driver setup.

HP printer not found during the network driver setup

Network drivers are an essential part of the computer as it enables the computer to have a connection with any network. It is like the bridge between the device software programs and the hardware. Through this connection it allows the PC operating system to access and control the hardware as required by the software programs. Without network drivers there will be a problem regarding the relay of commands from the computer to the hardware and the external hardware devices will not be able to execute these commands at all. And sometimes these network drivers fail to recognize the printer in the system. This is a very prevalent issue with HP printers and it has been made aware by the customers that they are in need of basic troubleshooting steps and measures to deal with this problem if you want to know more about the issues faced by HP printers, you can call HP printer customer support number.

The issue with the driver failing to recognize or find HP printers in the system is a very common issue with HP printers. And this issue can be handled by uninstalling and reinstalling the HP driver and software. And the steps have been explained in the steps below:

  • Disconnect the printer and go to ‘control panel’.
  • Click on ‘programs and features’ and select your printer name and click the ‘uninstall’ button.
  • After uninstalling the program, you need to restart your computer.
  • Now, turn on the printer and disconnect the USB cable and go to HP customer support- software and driver downloads.
  • Click on ‘printer’ type in your printer’s name and model number and hit the ‘submit’ button.
  • Make necessary changes to the operating system and click on the ‘change’ button,
  • Under ‘driver’ click on the ‘download’ button if you want the full software version or the ‘basic drivers’ for other driver option.

This is an effective way to solve the print driver issue in HP printers. If you have any doubts or if you come across any additional complication while executing these steps, you can contact HP printer technical support number