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HP Assistant is a utility tool that comes built-in on almost all Hewlett Packard computers that were released after 2012. The tool is designed to help you resolve any errors you may encounter while using your HP device. HP Assistant uses several self-help options and updates to accurately identify and fix glitches on your computer. You will be able to identify HP Assistant using the blue question mark on the Taskbar. On some devices, like those that use Windows 8, you can access HP Assistant using the Assistant app located on the Start Screen. The best thing about HP Assistant is that you can get immediate answers to common support questions and your HP computer or printer anytime you need it. Since HP Assistant is a free self-help tool that comes included with your computer it does not require any setup or installation in order to run. The tool is designed and developed to ensure a smooth support experience from the very first time you use it. Given that the HP Assistant tool automatically updates you can rest assured that you always have the latest available version the minute you turn on your computer.

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If you need any assistance as to how exactly to use the tool you can call the HP customer support number and speak to a trained expert who will be able to answer all your questions. HP Assistant can be a helpful resource which can be used on non-HP computers as well in order to solve HP Printer error.

Features of HP Assistant

Since the tool is designed to help resolve most errors on HP computers and printers here’s a look at some of the amazing features of HP assistant that you can look out for:

  • Always Ready: Because HP Assistant is included on all the latest HP laptops, notebooks, and computers, you can use the tool from the first day you turn on your device. You just need to click the “?” icon on your system tray to open and use HP Assistant.
  • Download HP Assistant: In case you are using a device of some other manufacturer, you can download HP Assistant and gain easy access to a variety of support resources for HP printers and PCs.
  • Automated fixes and troubleshooters: HP Assistant’s troubleshooters and automated fixes allow you to resolve virtually any error you may encounter while using HP products. You can also find helpful support resources to solve different HP technical issues.
  • Personalized support: Thanks to HP Assistant it is very easy to keep track of all your connected HP devices using the ‘My devices’ tab. If you sign in with your existing credentials or if you simply create a new ID, you will have full access to all your registered devices.
  • Automatic updates: You can now easily boost the performance and reliability of your HP computer or printers thanks to the automatic driver and firmware updates available on HP Assistant. HP Assistant will automatically notify you whenever there is a system or product update that is pending.

This was just a brief glimpse of some of the feature of HP Assistant. If you need any additional information about these features you can call the HP customer support number and reach out to a certified HP expert to know more.

Common Errors on HP Assistant

It may sound ironic but even though HP Assistant is meant to help you resolve error it can sometimes happen that the software itself could develop errors. Given below is a list of the most common error you are likely to encounter while using HP Assistant:

  • An exclamation mark appears on the HP Assistant icon
  • Sometimes you may be unable to update HP Assistant
  • Similarly, it may be a problem to install updates using the HP Assistant
  • Games or movies on the computer are interrupted because of HP Assistant
  • HP Assistant will suddenly wake the computer from sleep mode
  • HP Assistant displays an error message which reads “HPSF.exe has stopped working”
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Even if these errors may sound quite complicated you can call the HP customer support number and speak to a certified technician to know how to implement advanced troubleshooting steps to fix the HP Assistant error.


You can use the HP Assistant to keep a track of all the updates that are pending on your computer. You can use the steps below to install system updates, driver and other useful utilities:

  • Open ‘My devices’ and click ‘Update’ in the ‘My PC’ section
  • Select ‘Check for updates and messages’ so HP Assistant can scan your PC
  • Go through the list of all available updates given by HP Assistant
  • Recommend updates are tagged in yellow while optional updates are blue
  • Verify the name of the update along with the version number and file size
  • Choose the update you want and press ‘Download and install’

If the updates could not be installed you can call the HP customer support number and ask for additional tech support to complete the installation.

You can use the HP Assistant as a helpful resource to troubleshoot your other devices as well, such as HP Printer and so on. You can refer to the instructions given below to add a device with HP Assistant:

  • Turn on the device you want to connect and ensure it is connected to the PC
  • Run HP Assistant, go to ‘My devices’ and select ‘Add an HP device’
  • You can click ‘Detect my device’ to see a list of devices you can add
  • If you have the serial and product number you can manually add the device
  • Select the device name and nickname and then press ‘Add to my devices’

If your device still does not appear in HP Assistant then you can contact customer care to see how you can fix the issue.


If you have any other questions related to HP Assistant or if you need any clarification regarding the points mentioned above you can call the HP customer support number and speak to a certified professional and ask for help. HP experts are available 24 hours a day to give you the best solution for any problem you may encounter while using the HP Assistant.