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While using Cannon Printer if you have led yourself into any problem then there is likely chance that you are among all those users who will need experts’ advice to fix the issue. If your Canon printer is not printing properly or if it is printing the blurred and faded images or print jobs get stuck while giving print commands. Or are you not able to download the latest version of Canon printer driver or your printer is not turning on? If all these issues are encountered by you then you need to immediately reach out to Canon Printer customer care number where you will speak with the mavens who can help you in resolving the issue at hand.

There can be many reasons why you are facing issue while using the Canon Printer. It can be because of an outdated driver, or empty ink tank or connection issue or any other issue. In order to fix this problem you need to follow the below mentioned guidelines:

  • Check to see if your Canon Printer if indicator lights are flashing in a specific pattern or not. If they are not then it is representing an error code. You need to check the manual that comes with the printer to fix the problem of the error
  • Always check that power cable is connected properly with the wall outlet and all USB cable are connected accordingly in printer and computer. You can also open the front door of the printer to see if there is not paper stuck inside the paper feed.
  • Open the software of Canon Printer and click on the Properties tab or Options tab to do minor changes in the settings. Click on the option of Test Alignment to let the printer do its alignment and Clean Print Heads option to clean the print head of your printer. Then give the test print to see if the print is coming fine or not.
  • Try to uninstall the outdated driver of Cannon printer and then install the latest version of the Canon printer driver.

Whenever any error occurs in Canon Printer users are requested to first dial Canon Printer tech support number so that they can speak with the experts who can give you best advice on how to fix the issue. Because only experts have the knowledge as well as the expertise which is a need for fixing the Canon Printer issue. One can avail the help of the support team at all 24 hours round the clock without ant time and constraints.

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